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Operating in today’s digital environment requires a myriad of skills. Your business environment is an Information Ecosystem with an ever increasing amount of digital content. Our services can help your business on the journey to find the answers.

Information Technology Governance and Security

InfoEco can underpin your success by ensuring technology is aligned and prioritised to the business goals and secure from external forces.  Governance will provide the framework for an effective business environment for your success with the security layer to prevent compromises.

Program and Project Governance and Management 

Business can fail to get the most from technology when the IT guys are not engaged with the business.  Providing project and program frameworks, InfoEco can ensure that your business technology project achieved the business outcomes you are looking for without the risks and ‘no surprises’.

Business Innovation Strategy and Management

Innovation is complex and involves risk.  With our extensive experience in managing high risk innovation projects we can provide access to innovation specialists and researchers and ‘de-risk’ the situation if there is an opportunity.

Infrastructure and Operations

With our extensive experience in the design and operation of data systems and network, InfoEco can be your partner to provide skills for infrastructure including:

  • High Performance and Scientific Computing;
  • Cloud computing;
  • Internet of Things (IoT), Sensor Networks;
  • Wireless Location Analytics;
  • Operations Optimisation.

Spatial Science, Imagery Management

InfoEco staff have developed and delivered and managed spatial projects.  We have relationships with a number of organisation with extensive experience in the surveying and spatial sciences including developers with experience in LiDAR and imagery rendering and management.